A Sumerian astral tablet

This cylinder seal  of Uruk period dates approximatively to 3300 BC.

The seal impression you may see here contains, on the left part, two symerical curved signs, one star and a ear pole with a pennon – corresponding to Inanna’s symbol – which may be deciphered in this way:

dingir.innna.¡Úd.sig, which meaning may be :
“Goddess Innana, [star] of sunrise and sunset”

Now Inanna is the Sumerian goddess of Love. We may judge that we have here an identification aged of more than five millenaries between this diviniy we have inherited from the Ancients who were calling her Venus, and together the Morning star and the Evening star.

Cylinder seal impression from the Uruk period (3300-3200 av. J.-C.), Elder­meyer Collection

The ram which is figuring on this tablet is an animal often linked in the Sumerian  mythology to the goddess Inanna and it is probable that it has here no astral signification. As for the three stars above it, it may consiste in the symbol of the three main stars : Sun, Moon and Venus.