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Modern Europe

and contemporary world astronomy


Modern Europe (XVIth - XVIIIth centuries) : 

* it bowled over completely, with Copernic et Galileo, our conception of astronomy,

* it acheaved the division of the sphere in constellations cartographying in particuliar the Austral sky which was unknown be classical Greek  astronomy and party by the Arabs.


Contemporaray world astronomy : 

* by globalizing itself, european astronomy has become world astronomy.

* It brought the constellations number to 88 with IAU (International Astronomical Union) in 1922-1932.

* it gave some new star names picking in classical mythology or creating also new names.


Coronelli’s celestial globe, 1683, Bnf 



Thematic files

The discovery of Autral Sky by Europeans, by Roland Laffitte (in French)

European celestial cartography at the Renaissance

Firstes astral names loaned to Arabic (and Hebrew) in French (in French)

Magellanic Clouds

Star names noms derived fom Arab lunar mansions, by Roland Laffitte (in French)


Data constellation by constellation








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