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Arab civilisation & Medieval Orient


The Arab ans Islamic civilisation

* transmetted to us antique sciences (Greek, Persan and Indian),

* it enriched it them consistantly with all the progresses rrealized by it in the field of astronomical observation, conception and fabrication of mesure instruments such astrolabe,

* we owe to it the two thirds of our star names which are concealing  unknown figures and star lore. 





Andalusian celestial globe, Valencia, 1080, Bnf 

Thematic Files

Arab Star Names

Our Arab Heritage in the Celestial Vault, by Roland Laffitte, Muslim Heritage, April 2008. (in French)

Arab Star Names List with etymologies by Roland Laffitte  (in French)

Astrolabes et globes célestes

The Musée du Louvre Astrolabes by Roland Laffitte (in French)

The celestial globe of Muhammad b. Hilal, Mossoul, XIIIe s., projections by Bernhardt Dorn, London,1829

Datas constellation by constellation (Arab Constellations)Ecliptical

Ecliptical Constellations

Al-Hamal = Male Ram Al-Thurayâ = [Soraya] (in French) Al-Asad al-‘Azhîm = Superlion (in French)  

Boreal Constellations

Na‘sh wa-banâthu = Nasch and his Daughters  (in French) Al-Zibâ’ =  Gazels  (in French)    

Austral Constellations (in French)

Al-Jawzâ= Elgeuse  (in French)      



A Dictionary of Modern Star Names, 2nd Revosed Edition, Cambridge (Massachussets): Sky & Telescope, 2006.


Des noms arabes pour les étoiles, 2eme éd. revue et corrigée, Paris: Geuthner, 2006.

See also the chapter  « Arab & Berber contemporary cultures »

The legend of Nash ans his Daughters (Syria) by Bernard Verdier, 1938.



For more details, see the files belonging to the Scholars Space

Arab Documents

Zodiacal Signs Names in the Arabo-Turco-Persan and Mediterranean Space, by Roland Laffitte  (in French)


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