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Babylon / Mesopotamia astronomy


Mesopotamia gave us :

* the premisses of the spheric form with its parts and its  metrology,

* the half of Greek classic 44 constellations,

* planet names taken up by Greeks, directly or via peoples of  Syria or these of Aramaic Language. 




Planisphère K 8538, Assurbanipal Library, Niniva,

VIIth century BC, presenting 8 constellation diagrams.

Thamatic Files

Birth of constellations in Mesopotamia by Roland Laffitte for URANOS, 2009. (in French)

Precisions on the mesopotamian origin of Aries, by Roland Laffitte, Cahiers de l’Institut d’Orient du Collège de France,

I (2009), 101-108. (in French)

Datas constellation by constellation

Zodiacal constellations

Lu.HUNGA = Hired Man  

GU.AN.NA = Bull of Heaven (in French) MASh.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL = Great Twins AL.LUL = Crab

UR.GU.LA = Lion  (in French)

AB.SIN = [Barley] Ear / Furrow ZI.BA.AN.NA = Scales GIR.TAB = Scorpion

PA.BIL.SAG = [Archer] Pabilsag

SUHUR.MASh = Carp-Goat GULA = Great One KUN.mesh = Tails

Boreal constellations

TE.mushen = Eagle (in French)

GU.ALIM = Bison (in French) ZA.BA.BA = Zababa (in French) MAR.GID.DA = [Great] Wagon

U4.KA.DUH.A = Panthe(in Fr.)


Austral constellations

SI.PA.ZI.AN.NA = True Shepherd of Anu  (in French)

GAG.SI.SA = Flèche & BAN = Arc (in French) UR.IDIM = Chien enragé (in French)  

Bibliographical Sources for these « Datas » : Abrviations, Historical Paranorama & Synthtical Studies

Bibliography on the net

Gary D. Thompson, Australia


Universiteit Utrecht


Warburg Institute (London)



For more details, see the files belonging to the Scholars Space

Mesopotamian Documents

The Mesopotamian zodiacal signs names


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