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An anonymous celestial islamic Globe, Lahore, 1630,

National History of American History, Washington DC.

sYnopsis of this page:


Ancient Near Eastern Worlds

(Mesopotamia, Ancient Egyp, Arameans)

Arab & Islamic World

(Arab astronomie & literature, Popular Patrimony, Ethnoastronomy)

Greek & Latin astronomies

Medieval & Modern Europe

Other civilisationnal aeras

(China & Far East, India, Americas, etc.)




Ancient Near Eastern Worlds:

1. Mesopotamia

Research Notices on the Mesopotamian astronomical documents (in French)

Birth and diffusion of  mesopotamian zodiac by Roland Laffitte (in French)

Mesopotamian zodiacal signs names by Roland Laffitte (in French)

Materials for a study on astral names in the sacred texts (Enûma Elish, Bible, Coran) by Roland Laffitte (in French)

2. Aramaic & Hebraic astronomies

Cards on the Aramaic and Hebraic zodiacs par Roland Laffitte

* On the origin of the constellation of Virgo, by Roland Laffitte  (in French)

3. Ancient Egypt

* Egyptian Zodiacs, by Roland Laffitte for URANOS (in French)

4. Ancient Yemen

* Some southarabic zodiacal signs names, by Roland Laffitte, Matériaux arabes & sudarabiques, Nouvelle Série, n° 10

(2000-2002) (in French)

* About the southarabic zodiac, by Roland Laffitte, Arabia, I (2003) (in French)

Arab & Islamic World:

1. Classical Astronomy and literature

* The  Musée du Louvre astrolabes by  Roland Laffitte (in French)

* Arab stars list with their etymologies by Roland Laffitte (in French)

* Abū Hanīfa al-Dīnawarīʼs anwāʼ  by Abdelkader Sellami

* On the Magellanic clouds by Louis Massignon 

* The observation of the stars by Hassan b. Mohammad Ba-Surah

* Zodiacal names in the arabo-turco-persan & Mediterranean Space by Roland Laffitte (in French)


2. Popular Patrimony / Ethnoastronomie

* The West Saharian Sky par Vincent Monteil  (in French)

* Bedouins in the Sinaï and al-Naqab /Néguev and their Star Lore by Clinton Bailey

* Stars and constellations by the Touaregs by Edmond Bernus & Ahya ag-Sediyenne

Astronomie Greek  & Latin Astronomy :


Other civilisationnal aeras :

1. China & Far East

* The Chinese Sky maps by the Hong Kong Space Museum


2. Subsaharian Africa and  Indian Ocean

* The Vezo Sky (Madagascar) by Sivan Halévy (in preparation )


3. Australie & Océan Pacifique

* The Palawan Sky (Philippines), after a study of Nicole Revel


Archeoastronomy :

* Discussion about Ursa Major  between Elio Antonello and Roland Laffitte (parts in English, in French and in Italian)

* Keeping Ma’at: an astronomical approach to the orientationof the temples in ancient Egypt byJuan Antonio Belmonte

and Mosalam Shaltout

* Remarks on the Nabra planisphere de Nebra (in preparation)


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